How White Desert all started…

In 2006, we were stuck in a little tent waiting out a storm. Myself and three teammates were in the midst of a 1,850km traverse of the continent and all of us were feeling a little defeated.

For four days the storm had raged outside. We were getting low on supplies and, even worse – starting to tell the same stories.


“...we wondered why only scientists and the odd polar explorer ever got to see the real Antarctica.”


By that we meant the interior of the continent.

We knew that thousands of people went on the cruise ships that patrolled the periphery, but the interior was almost untouched. We had already found it to be such a surreal and exciting place – surely others should be able to do the same?


“In that little tent, we planned out a new kind of camp”

...One that would be comfortable and heated, more akin to the old-world luxury of the early Victorian explorers – with brass fittings, leather chairs and picnic hampers. There would be a great chef – in the current situation, food was of real significance – and we would have genuine polar explorers as the guides. We wanted it to be small, with only limited numbers of clients experiencing the continent at their own pace.


The other aspect was that it had to be environmentally sound. With 24hrs of sunshine and the intensity of the wind we had already experienced,

“We knew the camp’s energy had to come from Antarctica’s abundant natural resources.”

It was just so obvious to us that wind and solar were the only way to go.


Now, White Desert is a reality. We have now taken hundreds of clients to experience this forbidding and rarely seen interior. And despite all the challenges, each year, it remains an incredible privilege to be there!

  • Home away from home

    "It isn’t complete without mentioning the hospitality and the dedication of White Desert during our stay."

    Fitria Yusuf

  • Beyond my imagination

    "Blue ice caves, mountains to climb, ice waves etc, throw in penguins and a monumental trip to the South Pole, any other place in the world will be underwhelming."

    Jane Loginova and family

  • Unique experience

    "Overall you have a unique experience delivered by very experienced people with great judgment, with flexibility and knowledge."

    Enrique and Valeria Aboitiz

  • The true meaning of traveling

    “There is so little there, but so much to experience! A place where you can find your own true voice, away from the distractions of the outside world. Where you find the true meaning of traveling. ”

    Alan Chen

  • The Wedding of our dreams

    “White Desert hosted the wedding of our dreams. They did a fantastic job in making sure our special day turned out to be an amazing experience that we will cherish forever.”

    Mark and Julia McDowell

Our site changes from light to dark according to the daylight hours in Antarctica.