Zero Impact

White Desert understands and respects that Antarctica is a highly sensitive wilderness.

As such, we operate in strict accordance to the environmental tourism guidelines
laid out in the Antarctic Treaty. We also go further and operate our own zero
impact policy.

To achieve this, our temporary camp is dismantled each season, leaving no trace, while all human waste is transported out of Antarctica on regular flights and disposed of responsibly in South Africa.

The entire camp is powered by renewable energy, using solar panels supplied byCleversolar and a portable wind turbine, to take advantage of Antarctica’s abundant supply of natural power.

White Desert is an accredited CarbonNeutral® company and offsets all emissions from our flights to Antarctica and the associated logistics once there, through a portfolio of Carbon projects.

Using our accredited CarbonNeutral® flight calculator, White Desert will also pay to offset the carbon produced by all our clients flying to and from Cape Town International. Just let us know your starting destination and we will do the rest!

ZERO environmental print means…


…and CarbonNeutral® for the entire experience.

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